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Community Manager
Community Manager

Round of Applause - September 2020, Stefan Wühl

stefan wuhl.png

Hello Community members, welcome to September and another "Round of Applause".  This month goes Stefan Wühl! Stefan has been a community member since 2009 and has more than 21, 000 posts, close to 5000 solutions, and received nearly 9000 likes. Stefan is also an MVP and leads by example in the Qlik Community. 

Stefan was born in the most western part of Germany, near Belgium and Netherlands, he grew up in the southwestern upper Rhine area. Now living most of the year in Heidelberg, apparently most famous for the student prince outside Germany, but it also hosts a big university and many hi-tech companies. He studied physics and has been working as a professional software developer and project manager since the late 90s, developing medical instruments in the beginning, focussing on BI since 2008.

Stefan said that the community was a great way to start learning QlikView (the only product at that time), with a lot of awesome people who get you on the right track to a solution in no time.  Stefan understands that no one is an expert in everything, but you will probably find an expert for any question you have in the community. And he said that it's fun learning new stuff as a beginner and later giving back to the community and taking part in the competition for the "best" answer (if there is any).

In his spare time, he likes spending time with his family and friends, a good meal or concert,  hiking, mountain biking, and taking photos. He also started renovating his home, but it seems this won't be finished near soon, so he can count it to his hobbies as well.

Please take a minute to given Stefan a like and/or comment. I am proud to feature Stefan this month with a Round of Applause! @swuehl @Melissa_Potvin 

Sue Macaluso
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18 Replies
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you @swuehl for all you do for the Qlik Community and it's members!  You are nothing short of amazing!



Congrats Stefan! 21, 000 posts is incredible and although you say no one is an expert in everything it sounds like you're pretty close to being one! 😁


Very well deserved. Learned a lot from your posts @swuehl 


(@swuehl )Stefan is probably not very/at all active in this community any more. However, his contribution would never be forgotten; one of the best qlik experts who should have lifetime mention. 

I (along with many) will miss your expert opinions here. Thanks.

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Congrats Stefan. Your contribution to the community is really extraordinary. I learnt so much from you - many thanks.



Congratulations, @swuehl , on this Round-of-Applause award! , well deserved

Taoufiq ZARRA

"Please LIKE posts and "Accept as Solution" if the provided solution is helpful "

(you can mark up to 3 "solutions") 😉

Very well deserved @swuehl and huge congratulations! We love seeing your posts and how you interact with the Community!


Absolutely well deserved!! His contribution to the community is unmatched. Thanks @swuehl for what you have done for this community.

Contributor III
Contributor III

As a recipient of of Stefan's immense knowledge and helpful attitude, Congratulations on the well deserved recognition!!