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Update other listboxes based on any Listbox selection

Hello All,

I am using below trigger to update values = '(' & getfieldselections([Dimension name],'|') & ')'.

Problem Statement->

I have a Listbox which have multiple values let say (a,b,c and so on) and I want  other listboxes should get update based on 1st listbox selection. 

If single value is selected  in listbox then other listboxes are selecting that single value that is fine

but if multiple values(say a,b) are selected then listboxes shows total values instead of multiple values (a,b).

Expected Result-> Listbox should select multiple values based on multiple values selection of 1st listbox. 

like if a,b,c is selected in 1st listbox then other listboxes should show values only for a,b,c.

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Would you be able to share a sample to show your issue?