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Re: Qlik Sense Scalability Tools Connection Troubleshooting Tips

Ok, based on your guidance we have a different error:

- I add a scenario


- I used the same user as the manual authentication (using the header changer - an Chrome extension) and gave me on the executor the following error:

09:00:52 Workers:0 Errors:0 Warnings:0 Requests:0 Sessions:0

09:00:52   Illegal user id: some-domain\some-user\nParameter name: headerUserId

09:01:02 Workers:0 Errors:1 Warnings:0 Requests:0 Sessions:1

Test Execution Finished.

WarningCount: 0

ErrorCount: 1

Finishing writing logs...

this was done on test Client server, I'll try to repeat it on my personal computer to see if I get the same error message. It's really weird this having different results with the same properties...

Cheers Daniel