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      Hello everyone,


      I am trying to create a slider object and a chart it will correspond to. I have a linear graph showing percentage increases in growth, and a slider object with different percentage numbers from 0 to 100. I want to be able to slide the object and the graph to show the corresponding parts of the graph, for example, which division had the smallest growth and which had the highest. However, I'm not sure how to tie the slider and the variable to the graph in the expression, as at the moment it's only showing me one value and it reverses the graph so it goes from 0 to -100% instead of 0 to 100%.


      my current expression is (sum({<Metric={[Metric Type]}>} [Target]))=Percent


      Percent is the variable used in the slider


      I am new to qlikview, so any help would be much appreciated!





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          Manish Kachhia

          Go to Document Properties....


          Variable Even Triggers

          Select Variable and do On Change ADD ACTION

          Add SELECT IN FIELD

          Write Down Field Name and Search String as per your requirement...

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                 you can set condition in "Dimension limit" tab of chart property  according to your variable (which should update after moving slider).

                 So if you select 5(percent) in slider, so variable value should 5 then change condition in Dimension Limit tab according to your need like "Show only" and then set slider variable there.

            In expression, add your normal expression. no need put condition according to slider variable.


            I hope this helps you.