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    Centering x-Axis Dimension Lable

      Hi, simple question but has been eluding me and I can't find a direct answer on the forums: is it possible to centre the x-Axis dimension label from the chart properties? (such that it would be beneath the value labels halway along the x-axis)


      I can work around this by using a text object to substitute for the label, but it's time consuming over many charts.

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          jagan mohan rao appala


          Try like this


          Chart Properties -> Presentation tab -> Text in Chart -> Add -> Give Dimension values -> Ok -> Finish


          Now hold Ctrl & Shift buttons -> The label is highlighted in red border and move it to the place you required using mouse.


          Hope this helps you.




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              Thanks Jagan,


              That's the method I've been using, but it's a bit tedious when used across multiple charts, and also requires moving the text box if the chart object is resized.


              It would be great if QV could automatically centre the axis label as Excel and other packages do, or have the option to. Particularly when dealing with categorical data on one axis (e.g. sales by region) there is no reason why the x-label should logically sit at the right, since the axis has no natural direction. In my experience people find it more readable if the label is beneath the text, and it also tends to save space.