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    QMS API using certificates problem

    Jerry Svensson


      I created a program that gets taskstatuses and it works fine in my testsetup where I use Windows authentication to communicate between servers.

      Our production machines uses Certificates instead to handle communication.

      The program works excellent in my testmachine without certificates.

      But when I add certifcate handling to app.config (according to the help file) and try it on production server I get this error:


      An exception occurred: The type 'QMSTEST.ServiceKeyBehaviorExtensionElement, QMS

      TEST, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' registered for exte

      nsion 'serviceKeyBehavior' could not be loaded. (C:\QMSTEST\bin\Debug\QMSTEST.exe.Config line 12)"


      Any ideas?