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    Set Analysis - Date Comparision Greater Than Another Field



      I am looking for help with the following set analysis expression.




        <SfdcOpptyID =

                  p({$<Snapshot.Date={$(=Num(vPickSnapshotDate_1))},Closed.QuarterStartDate={"<$(=Snapshot.QuarterStartDate)"}>} SfdcOpptyID) *

                  p({$<Snapshot.Date={$(=Num(vPickSnapshotDate_2))},Closed.QuarterStartDate={"<$(=Snapshot.QuarterStartDate)"}>} SfdcOpptyID)








      The part of the expression that i have trouble is Closed.QuarterStartDate={"<$(=Snapshot.QuarterStartDate)"}



      I created small test .qvw with few rows and it same logic (expression , syntax) works(attach). But if i try to implement this in my main report it does not return value. If i replace the logic to use IF statement then the report brings back numbers.


      Please advise!