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    Document Panel

      How to set the panel, I want left side to be for all required filters and middle part to be for charts and on right side I want my company logo.  Please let me know how to set the panel.

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          Clever Anjos

          Use an image as background and put the objects as you need

          Check for [C:\Program Files\QlikView\Examples\Developer Toolkit] there´s a lot of useful images

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            Greg Anderson

            We did this by creating a set of blank templates (for different business purposes) with clearly delineated sections for filters, "Current Selections", charts, and logos.  Sections are delineated with large lightly-colored rectangles that match our company logo's colors.


            We saved these templates in a shared folder.


            Now, when we create a new QVW, we copy the appropriate template, rename it, and add the script and front-end that we need.  We just keep our added controls on 'top' of the section coloring.


            It's worked very well to promote consistency in reporting.