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    Perform function 'for each' selected value in variable

    Peter Raijmakers



      I am trying to write a macro that perform a  (sendReport) fuction for each value selected within a variable.


      so for instance the variable has the following selections:

      ID 1
      ID 2
      ID 3
      ID 4
      ID 5


      So I want to perform the sendReport function for each value in 'ID' (ID 2, ID 4, and ID5)


      I was working on something like this for the macro:


      sub ReportforeachID

      Set oID = ActiveDocument.Fields("ID").GetSelectedValues

        for each item in oID







      end sub


      But this is not working, it brings me back to the adjust module screen. The sendReport function is working perfectly.


      Your help would be much appreciated.


      Regards Peter