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    script to load table if first friday of month, otherwise continue

      Dear all,


      I have a dashboard which is reloaded daily, sourcing from many different datasets.

      Especially one dataset is really massive and refreshed anyway just monthly.


      Therefore I am looking for ways to AVOID to reload this dataset, unless we are on the first friday of the month (when this dataset is refreshed).


      So far I just came to this point


      if(Day(today()))<=7 then
      purgechar(PROD,CHR(32)) as SKU,


      the problem I am having is that the script does not go any further afterwards.

      So how can I have both the script:


      - check if we are in the FIRST Friday of the month

      - when we are not, skip the subsequent LOAD section, but still continue in processing the script?


      I have the feeling I should be reaching what I want by using if then or if else, but I cannot really make something out of it...


      Thank you very much