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    Using Sum and Aggr to show year to date targets

    James Shenton

      What I'm trying to do is, I think, very simple, but I'm new to Qlikview and am still trying to get my head around the syntax of Sum, Aggr, etc.

      I would like an expression column in the table (see application) that simply shows the running target from 1 May 2010 (the start of my financial year).

      So for example, product A has a target of 10 units per month. In May, the running target for product A will be 10, in June, 20, July, 30, and so on. Similaryly, product B will show 5, 10, 15, 20, ... against each subsequent month.

      I'm sure this is really easy but all my attempts have failed. There are so many examples in the reference guide, but this one eluded me.

      Any help would really be appreciated.

      With thanks