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    Set analysis explanations

    christian juillard

      Hi guys,


      I need some clues about set analysis. Something i must have forgotten



      this is the result of a year and 2 months selection using set analysis

      Sum ({<Dte.YearMonth={$(=max(Dte.YearMonth))}>} Rev.[Amount])

      according to this model


      2. I'd like to understand I can't use this

      Sum ({<Dte.YearMonth={$(<=max(Dte.YearMonth))}>} [Rev.Amount])   (note <=)  to have a YTD result with 1 year and 1 month selected?


      The following set works with RevYear and Rev.month

      sum ({<[Rev.Year]={'$(vMaxYear)'}, [Rev.Month]={'<=$(vMaxMonthNum)'}, Dte.Year=, Dte.Month=>} [Rev..Amount])


      But why not with Dte.Year and Dte.month


      Thnak you