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    Fit zoom to window in Web browser

      Hi all,


      I have layout issues between the view in my development environment and the view in the web browser.

      the view in the browser doesn't fit the page thus it fits in my Development environment.

      in the web I need to scroll down which I don't need to do in the development environment.



      How can tackle this issue?







        • Re: Fit zoom to window in Web browser
          Aadil M

          If the end users are using plugin client. then you can provide a button on the page to say "fit zoom to window" and call a macro like below.


          SUB FitZoon2Window




          END SUB


          Else, if your users are on the ajax client. then, my fried you suggest them to use the zoom options on the browsers itself to adjust the zoom. Or you can hold the control key and use the scroll on the mouse to adjust the zoom.