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    variable in reload


      Hi All,


      I am trying to load a file from website and trying to automate it. I am getting a date variable in the specified format and using it as string in the load script. How to use a variable created in the module in reload script. Trigger part is all completed and stored the variable fdc in specific format (as in the comment in code below) and tested it using msgbox in the module.


      Below is the reload script

      rem let fdc='2013-11-14';
      let fdd

      rem fdd is used in load stmt;


      LOAD [Currency code ▲▼],
      [Currency name ▲▼],
      [Units per USD],
      [USD per Unit]
      FROM $(fdd)
      (html, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, table is @1);


      The above script if I replace fdc with 2013-11-14 as in the comment stmt.

      thank you in advance !



        • Re: variable in reload
          Srikanth P

          You can directly use the variables whci was created on the UI (Module) in the script directlt with variable name.


          If you are creating two variables both on script and Module, every reload the value will be over write by the script definition.