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    Set analysis - weeks back ?

      Hi there,


      I have a column in my document for the sum of the val in the past 7 days which is below:


      =Sum({< dated = {'>=$(=Date(V_todayminus7days13weekroller))<=$(=Date(V_today13weekroller))'} >} val)

      The variables are currently:

      V_today13weekroller- =today()

      V_todayminus7days13weekroller- =today() - 7


      Now I need to sum the val where the date is within the last 13 weeks (replicating the SQL command ‘datediff(ww,dated,getdate()) <=13’).   Does anyone know how to get the date for the start of the week 13 weeks ago ?  Or can think of a better way of doing this ??


      Many Thanks