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    Fixed line in a chart - can I have the label on the right?

    Friedrich Hofmann




      I have a combo-chart with two fixed lines:

      - One for a daily_limit that shows only when the dimension "day" is selected.

      - One for a monthly_limit that shows only when the dimension "month" is selected.

      => For some reason, the caption does not show (the chart is in a combobox, I guess that's why), so I added free-text-boxes to simulate a caption.

      => I have the label of these fixed lines displayed to make it more apparent what the user is looking at

      <=> That label by default appears on the left-hand side - since the dimensions usually go left-to-right, that is suboptimal - there is a much higher probability that there is some blank space on the right-hand side.

         => Can I change that somehow? (I could deactivate that option and insert another (two) free-text-box(es) instead, but can I do it in the fixed-line_dialog?)


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,