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      I need to connect the tables using join

      What is the correct way to do it?

      The Table in the cloud shows wrong data and blanks.





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          Thanks for your response, but it does not work well.

          All tables should be linked somehow with'' the keys, join etc.. I do not really know how

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              Did you notice that in the table customer, the customers 19, 63, 72 and 77 have no country code.

              This is a reason why you see 'blanks' in your chart.


              And!  CustomerID that you use in your chart is defined in 2 different tabels, in Sales and in Customers.

              QlikView does not now that you want only records form your table Sales.

              Load additional field in table Sales: CustomerID as SalesCustomerID.

              Then replace in your chart CustomerID by SalesCustomerID.





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              Javier Florian

              Hi Alon,


              I reviewed your qvw file and that is correct, you can see your model like this:



              You and only you know your own model, but I recommend you the follow post:

              Understanding Join, Keep and Concatenate


              An additional recommendation, in Sales tab you load Sales.xls and SalesHistory.xls, you can invoke an only script like Sales*.xls


              -Javier Florian