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    your browser does not support XmlDocuments objects


      i get this error when I switch on webView with my Qlikview client desktop.

      2013-11-30 17_03_37-QlikView x64 - Copia del rivenditore - [C__SIRC_Reply_Agusta westland_2013 11 13.png

      WebView worked fine unitl 10 days ago. Now I got always this error. I can't  test my qv documents in webView.



      I have updated Qlikview desktop to 11.2

      I have recently installed the lastest Windows updates 

      S.O. is Windows 7 PRO.

      I.E.  version is


      2013-11-30 17_22_25-QlikView Mashups - Div Integration - Internet Explorer.png

      Can you help me to solve this issue?