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    Aggregation in parent-child hierarchy


      Hi, try make aggregation in parent-child hierarchy and have some problems.

      I want to understand possibility of QlikView in comparasion with IBM Cognos Planning and Oracle OLAP.

      Suppose I have statistics with budget costs in some branchs for several months.

      1). I make adjacent nodes table for items (Sheet1)

      error loading image

      2).I make fact table (Sheet2)

      error loading image

      3). I write this script



      LOAD ItemID,ParentID,ItemName

      FROM Cost.xls (biff, embedded labels, table is Sheet1$);

      Hierarchy (ItemID, ParentID, ItemName,, ItemName, TreeView) Load


      Resident T1;

      drop table T1;

      Now i have Field TreeView

      error loading image


      Problem: There is no aggregation for some items.

      For example, QlikView show, that there is no Money value for Item 1.3. Name

      But it must be 1.3. Name = (1.3.1. Name + 1.3.2. Name) for these Branch and Montrh

      And if I will use hierarchy in branches, months. How can I do that?

      Thanks to anyone replying.