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    Using QVScriptGenTool for performance testing using JMeter, script is unable to run for parallel multiuser, where as its running fine for single user



      I am using QVScriptGenTool for performance testing of Qlikview Applications using JMeter. The script is running fine for single user, where as its unable to run for parallel multi users. The script can run for multi uses when run in sequential mode, however, it gives the following error when running more than one user at the same time. "Failed to open document, You dont have access to this document." Also, another point to note is that, these errors come randomly in any response, and for any number of responses. There is no fixed pattern, in which the error occurs.


      The error looks like this in JMeter:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?><result><message text="Failed to open document, You don&apos;t have access to this document." code="19"/></result>


      I am using all different users, and giving some ramp up time in between each user before starting the execution. Around 2 seconds in between each user. I tried using all the different types of cookies, so as to check if the cookie type is the issue.


      Can anyone please provide any pointer on this, so that the cause for the issue can be found out.