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    Load data from min and max date.



      I have a DimensionDate with dates from 1900 to 2018.


      My fact contains data from 2007-01-01 to today 2013-03-12



      How would you then do so i dont load all dates from my dimension (my listbox will show to many dates or years and so on)

      (I could do this in SQL where i select a hardcoded date, but i rather want to peek down into my fact table )


      Lets say i have this:









      LET vMinLoadDate = peek(FactSales,'DateKey',0)

      Let vMaxLoadDate = peek(FactSales,'DateKey,1)



      DateKey (YYYYMMDD)

      Date_Clean (YYYY-MM-DD)

      and so on

      from xxxxx

      where DateKey between '($vMinLoadDate)' and '($vMaxLoadDate)'


      Am i able to do so? or how would you do it?