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    Listbox selection


      i have following table.


      Client Kennzahl1 Kennzahl2 Kennzahl3

      A 10 40 50

      B 25 35 45

      C 50 70 35



      Now, i want build two listboxes in qlikview. The first is selection on the field Client so this is easy but now i want to make a selection on Kennzahl1, Kennzahl2 and Kennzahl3. Is there any opportunity to make this row (Kennzahl1, Kennzahl2, Kennzahl3) available for selection in an list box.


      In QlikView there must be 2 listboxes like this:


      Client Kennzahlen

      A Kennzahl1

      B Kennzahl2

      C Kennzahl3


      I would be very happy if anyone knows something to build such selection.


      Thanks and regards,


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          Tresesco B

          Use crosstable like:


          CrossTable (Kennzah, Amount, 1) Load *;

          Load * Inline [

          Client, Kennzahl1, Kennzahl2, Kennzahl3

          A, 10, 40, 50

          B, 25, 35, 45

          C, 50, 70, 35




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            Michele Barini


            maybe you can use the crosstable, so you have 2 dimension (Client, Kennzahl) and a measure (Data)


            Crosstable (Kennzahl, Data)

            LOAD * INLINE [

                Client, Kennzahl1, Kennzahl2, Kennzahl3   

                A, 10, 40, 50   

                B, 25, 35, 45   

                C, 50, 70, 35


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              Are kennZahlen dimension or measure ?

              If dimension, you should see crosstable keyword when loading your table


              You will get 2 dimensions: Client, KennZahlen

              and 1 measure that you will have to name.



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                Okay thank you. But now i have 3 excel sheets which have the same tables.


                (Table Client A) (This table shows distances between A -> B,C)

                Client, Kennzahl1, Kennzahl2, Kennzahl3  

                    A, 0, 0, 0  

                    B, 25, 35, 45  

                    C, 50, 70, 35


                (Table Client B) (This table shows distances between B -> A,C)

                Client, Kennzahl1, Kennzahl2, Kennzahl3  

                    A, 20, 30, 40  

                    B, 0, 0, 0  

                    C, 50, 70, 35


                (Table Client C) (This table shows distances between C -> A,B)

                Client, Kennzahl1, Kennzahl2, Kennzahl3  

                    A, 40, 40, 40  

                    B, 10, 10, 40  

                    C, 0, 0, 0


                Every month, there are new tablets created from a Java programm which will write the results into a excel csv sheet! This programm measures Distances between Clients and create for ever client one table.

                Now Qlik View should show the results in a digramm but with reference to the selection!


                1.Listbox A, B, C (Clients)

                2.Listbox: A,B,C (Clients)

                3.Listbox: Kennzahl1, Kennzahl2, Kennzahl3


                Example 1 :

                1.Listbox: Selection A

                2.Listbox: Selection B,C

                3.Listbox Selection Kennzahl1, Kennzahl2


                Here i want to see how similar are B, C (2.Listbox) regarding to A (1.Listbox) with reference to Kennzahl1 and Kennzahl2 (3.Listbox)


                Example 2 :

                1.Listbox:Selection B

                2.Listbox: Selection A,C

                3.Listbox: Selection Kennzahl1, Kennzahl2, Kennzahl3


                I hope you understand what i mean and i hope that anyone got and idea how it could work. Maybe there is a solution which is completely different from my idea?