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    Count resources available before a date



      I am currently tracking supply and demand within an app.


      I am looking to create a chart which shows the demand for skills as well as the currently supply of employees we have before a demand start date.


      I have the chart which shows the current current employees available now vs the amount of employees wanted with these two expressions:


      Available skills
      Count({$<[Billable_Status] = {'Non-Billable}>}[Billable_Status]


      Resources wanted



      The dimension is [Employee_Primary_Skill]



      What I'd like to do now is count the employees which become available before a demand start date, I have two dates for this [Employee_Allocation_End]  and [Demand_Billable_Start]. The dimension on the chart would no longer be shown by skill but [Demand ID] but the employee would still have to have the same primary skill the demand needs.


      Thanks in advance, sorry if I've made this seem confusing. I'm a bit baffled myself!