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    Are you seeing more customers interesting in defining QlikView "Roles"?

    Brad Peterman

      I am seeing most customers who are interested in CoE or Competency center for QV really focusing on the roles involved, which is a very good thing.   Without a strong definition of the roles, responsibilities, skills, tasks and deliverables for each role, how would employees at our customer sites know whether or not they "fit" in the QlikView delivery world?


      To that end, I am re-writing several best practice documents to center on both of the following:

      - The Four (4) Primary Roles

           - User

           - Developer

           - Designer

           - Administrator


      - The Seven (7) Expanded Roles:

           - User

           - Power User

           - Designer

           - Power Designer

           - Developer

           - Architect

           - Administrator


      Education Services is also considering the expansion of training to match the extended roles, since they are so mainstraeam in our large environments.   Interested to hear your thoughts on this.   The documents I have started rewriting to align with this are:

      - Developer Checklist

      - Designer Checklist

      - Adminitrator Checklist

      - Architect Checklist

      - QV Resource Planning Guide

      - Certification Process


      More to come.   Ideas are always welcome and appreciated.