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      how to display values on gauges? Is it possible to have a range of values 0-100 displayed on the gauge itself and also to highlight the value got after evaluating the expression.


      I used the following values in the presentation tabs





      And the gauge I get is,




      Is there a way to make the gauge in the center and add the values on the scale and higlight the value the needle is pointing to?

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          Michael Jordan

          You can press Ctrl + Shift a red border will appear and you can move your Guage in the middle.


          Also for the value to be shown inside the chart, u can use the Text in Chart feature, Just copy your expression and paste it using the add button inside the Text in Chart border.



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            I wish we didn't have to do the scales in the gauges using the text... its too tedious... I hope qlik comes up with a  solution soon