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    sales, excluding coming months!

      I'm making a simple bar chart showing accumulated sales from current year compared to last year:


      error loading image

      For 2010 actuals im using the following formular:



      ({$<invLineYear={$(=Max(invLineYear))}>} NetAmount)


      For 2009 actuals I'm using the following formular:



      ({$<invLineYear={$(=Max(invLineYear)-1)}>} NetAmount)



      I would like to make the chart exclude 2010 actuals for the months ahead, so July, August, etc. are only showing 2009 actuals.

      Any suggestions?


      BR/ Lars

        • sales, excluding coming months!
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Lars,

          If you are not doing full accumulation, then set your month field in set analysis to be equal or less than the actual month

          ({$<invLineYear={$(=Max(invLineYear))}, invLineMonth={'<=$(Max(invLineMonth))'}>} NetAmount)

          I personally prefer to flag the current year to date dates for all years in my application, so I would only accumulate for those values. But I guess this is more a design/display issue than an accumulation one, so you may change your bar background color to white or whatever your background color is if date is longer than today, on the [+] icon expanded in the Expressions tab.

          Hope that helps