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    Easy classification

    Hans Müller



      i have a questions regarding to a classification in QlikView.


      Now this is my table:


      Client; Client_distances; Kennzahl

      A; A; 0

      A; B; 10

      A; C; 25

      B; A; 10

      B; B; 0

      B; C; 45

      C; A; 25

      C; B; 45

      C; C; 0


      QlikView should classify the attribute Client_Distances (A, B, C) according to following rules:


      IF(Kennzahl <= 25) then Client_distances into Cluster 1

      ELSE(Kennzahl > 25 & <= 50) then Client_distances into Cluster 2



      The result of the classification must be visualized in a graph where you can see which Client_DIstances is in a specified cluster like 1, 2 or 3 …


      Is it possible to build something in QlikView?


      Thanks and regards,