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    average, ignoring outliers, and current selection

    Jen Starr

      I'm having an issue with this formula and need some help.  This calculates the average usage by market for accounts in the 10-90 percentile. This expression works just fine as long as I don't select a customer number.  Once I select a customer number this line goes blank.  I am comparing the average usage for the market against the selected customer number.




      if((count({1<Customer_Number = ,Order_type = {Purchased}>}Total  <Market> Distinct Customer_Number)

      -Rank(Sum({1<Customer_Number = ,Order_type = {Purchased}>} Total <Market,Customer_Number> Usage)))

      /count({1<Customer_Number = ,Order_type = {Purchased}>}Total  <Market> Distinct Customer_Number)>.09,



      if((count({1<Customer_Number = ,Order_type = {Purchased}>}Total  <Market> Distinct Customer_Number)

      -Rank(Sum({1<Customer_Number = ,Order_type = {Purchased}>}Total <Market,Customer_Number> Usage)))

      /count({1<Customer_Number = ,Order_type = {Purchased}>}Total  <Market> Distinct Customer_Number)<.91,



      Sum({1<Customer_Number = ,Order_type = {Purchased}>}Usage)))

      , Market,Customer_Number)



      Any help would be greatly appreciated.