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    Is there an architectural change in V 11.2 for the way Management Server starts up?

    Thomas McPherson

      We have migrated multiple server environments from version 10 to 11.2 with no issue.  One set of my clusters are pointing to over 30,000 different files across 70 mounts.  We were pretty stable on version 10.  Now in 11.2 SR3 (and SR4), it looks like every time that QlikView Management Service loads, it synchronizes with each of the QlikView files, previously mentioned.  We span across NAS, SAN and local fileshares.  This is no different how we did this in our 10 environment.  We are fully aware of the issues across NAS/SAN can bring, but we are looking to see if there is a change in the way QVMS loads?  If so, can we either turn off the synch or change the refresh rate?


      The attachment shows that the system (via QEMC)  reaches out to the fileshare and creates a huge amount of I/O upon reload.  As a result, our QEMC keeps freezing and taking long time to load up QVS details.


      Any help will be appreciated.