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    weighted average formula

    Settu Periyasasamy

      Dear All,


      Please see the below example. I need the weighted average based on the columns.


      Sales OrgWGColumn 1Column 2Column 3Weighted Averageexcel formula
      110co40,2062528-9.6%=D1 / E1 -1
      210ch14,2006062-2.1%=D2 / E2 -1
      310se1,36112411210.4%=D3 / E3 -1
      410eq1,0661941788.5%=D4 / E4 -1
      510in16728923821.2%=D5 / E5 -1


      Need the expression for the weighted average only (Total Row - Yellow text) based on the column .

      And i have attached the sample.

      i tried the dimensionality(). if (dimensionality() = 0,sum(weighted average * column1)/sum(column1), 'ok').


      but not working. is there any chance to sum the column values like sum(total column(n)).

      Help Needed.