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    Batch file to reload a qvw for running a macro to export excel

    Vamshi Tataipelli


      I have created a batch file to open, partial reload and save the qvw file. I also gave a "OnPostReload" trigger to run the macro and export a sheet object to a excel sheet. The code i have used is here:

      "C:\Program Files\QlikView\QV.EXE" /rp %V_QVW%    {V_QVW is a variable to which i gave the name of the qvw file}


      Initally i used /r but due to time constraint i started using /rp. But i could not really understand what is the exact difference between /r and / rp.  Although, i came up with some errors for some reports if i use /rp.


      Here is the problem, i have 80 similar qvw files. If i create 80 batch files and create a task for each having the trigger at same time, will they work? At a time how many instances can be run on qlikview?


      Please suggest me a better way/solution.


      Thank You in advance