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    QV Desktop/OCX resizes and moves objects

    Peter Cammaert

      I have this problem with QlikView Desktop/OCX recalculating position and size of objects when a document is opened on a platform with different maximum resolution. The attached document has been designed in QV11.20SR4 on a machine with a HD-display (1920x1080) running Win7 64-bit. If opened on the same platform but in a different desktop version (e.g. SR1), all objects stay put.


      However, when opened in QV11.20SR1 x86 on XP with a 1440x900 display, all objects are scaled to about 80% of their original size, and repositioned accordingly (see Object->Properties->Caption.) This can cause some serious problems with text labels becoming partially visible, scales and tick marks disappearing and scrollbars appearing where they shouldn't. This isn't WYSIWYG at all.


      Does anyone experience the same odd behaviour? Can we find a logic in this?


      Thanks for your feedback.




      BTW I already did a search for previous discussions about this, but found only one unanswered question in about 2011.