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    QlikView Sheet Object Properties

      I've seen several examples of setting sheet object properties using macros.  The only problem is I don't know where to find a list of the properties of the objects.  The QlikVIew API guide only shows the GetProperties member.  Where can I find out what these properties actually are?


      Thank you!

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          Alessandro Furtado

          Hi John.


          Could you write what do you want to set (sheet and objects)?

          Is not possible with triggers?


          Alessandro Furtado

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            Gysbert Wassenaar

            If you have the same api guide qvw file that I have then you can find the information on the Automation Members tab. First select Sheet in the QV Object listbox. Then click on the ISheetProperties item in the Select Class from Parameter/Property Type listbox. You can then see the list of properties in the table All members + Parameters.

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              Specifically I'm trying to turn off and on the Preserve Scroll Position on a Straight Table using a trigger and code but am also interested in knowing how to find all of the properties for any/all controls.

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                I have written a program to get Text field from a qlik view chart from an application and copy it to word document. Suppose the text field has name Alex. It copies the word successfully Alex to word. Now i want to save Alex(Text field in string) How to do that?

                case 6: //text

                if (objectName == "TX01")
                Console.WriteLine("I have found my fullname again");
                // copy text field in global object tamp_val ----> error here
                = QVObject.CopyTextToClipboard();
                Console.WriteLine(" this is my object type" + tamp_val);
                // QVObject.CopyTextToClipboard();

                Console.WriteLine("Found TX item: {0}", objectName);