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    Adding Rows for Each Day



      I have a table which has two columns.

      1) Date

      2) ID

      For some days the ID's are missing. I want to add rows to the missing Days. I am using this formula, but it is not working. Not sure what the issue.



      Load Min(Date__Id) as MinDate, Max(Date__Id) as MaxDate resident Fact;

      Let vMinDate = Peek('MinDate',-1,'MinMaxDate') - 1;

      Let vMaxDate = Peek('MaxDate',-1,'MinMaxDate') ;

      Drop Table MinMaxDate;

      Join (Fact)

      Load Date(recno()+$(vMinDate)) as Date__Id Autogenerate vMaxDate - vMinDate;



      NoConcatenate Load Date__Id,

      If( IsNull([Class__Id] ),peek([Class__Id] ), [Class__Id]  ) as [Class__Id]

      Resident AccountFact

      group by [Class__Id] , Date__Id

      Order By [Class__Id] ,Date__Id  ;


      Any help?