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    data loss after reload and scroll bar issue


      I am having couple very peculiar issues, as listed below, with one of the QlikView application


      1) I have a chart with two dimensions. When I reload data, both the dimensions are visible on the chart however after closing and reopening the application the second dimension of the chart just disappears. I have added the second dimension field to the sheet to check field values and I was surprised to see that there were no values. However if I reload the data again I get the second dimension back and if I add the field to the sheet the field values reappear. I can't think of any reason why should this happen.


      2) Another issue is with the list boxes and table boxes. While in the middle of using the application the scroll bars on the list box keep jumping back to the start. So if I want to select a value from the bottom of the list I just can't cause as soon as I leave mouse after scrolling to the bottom it runs back to the start. Its sooooo frustrating. But some times for a little while the scroll bar behaves and I can select a value at the bottom of the list. But most of the times its an issue and I also have same issue with the table box.


      Suggestions pls ? Thanks.