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    Section Access wildcard * not working


      Setting up Section Access in QV11SR2 I find, that the wildcard is not working as described in the documentation.


      A specific user (User1) has a wildcard star * in the field, that points to the Section Application datamodel - and after the section-access-data-reduction I guess, that User1 would be able to se all on the section access listed values in the data-reduction-field.


      But User1 get's a access denied, when trying to open the qvw-file - I guess because of Strict Exclusion is checked.


      The Section Access table is a dobble load:

      1. qvd load

      2. concatenate Inline load


      User1 is in the latter Inline part.


      Any explanation for this?

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          Marco Hadiyanto

          can you give sample qvw?


          maybe to remind you about * :

          A common misconception in section access is the use of “*” (star) in section access.

          “Star” means “all listed values” not all values for the field.



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              I know:

              "that User1 would be able to se all on the section access LISTED values in the data-reduction-field".


              But that's not the problem here. User1 with *-rights can't get access to the qvw-file, although other users listed have access.



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                The script looks like this:


                SECTION ACCESS ;




                  if( Upper(BRUGER) = 'XXX'

                  OR Upper(BRUGER) = 'YYY', 'ADMIN', 'USER') as ACCESS,

                  Lower(BRUGER) as NTNAME,

                  if( Upper(BRUGER) = 'XXX'

                  OR Upper(BRUGER) = 'YYY', Null(), Upper(NAVN)) as USERS

                FROM [..\QVD_INIT\USER.QVD] (qvd) ;




                LOAD * INLINE

                [ACCESS, NTNAME, USERS

                ADMIN, qlikviewservice,

                USER, User1, *

                USER, User1, Bill Gates

                ] ;


                CONCATENATE (SectionAcces)




                  if(Len(Trim(USERS))=0, Null(),

                  Upper(USERS)) as USERS

                RESIDENT Temp ;


                DROP TABLE Temp ;



                The Line: USER, User1, Bill Gates makes it possible to access the qvw and to see Bill Gates customer (rows), but why the *-line doesn't give access, seems strange?

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                Another bug (QV11SR2):

                Reading from a qvd in a SECTION ACCESS sub, courses the qvw-reload to crash.

                putting WHERE 1=1 ; solves this problem as mentioned by others in the forum.

                But the Section Access functionalitet with data-reduction and strict exclusion doesn't work at all, when loading from a qvd.

                When loading from Inline or from a txt-file (qvd-data convertet into a txt-file) did the job.