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    Windows 8.1 on VirtualBox, OS X host - QV desktop install fails

    G�ran Sander

      I've installed QV desktop a bunch of times over the years, but this is a new one..


      Using Mac (OS X) as my main computer, and running Windows 8.1 (64 bit) in a VirtualBox virtual machine. Works great, all programs so far have installed just fine, but QV desktop (11.20 SR4) fails with this error:


      "This installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your product vendor."


      I have tried both the QlikViewDesktop_Win8andUp and QlikViewDesktop_x64Setup installation files, same problem.


      This error can be thrown when installing the 32 bit instead of 64 bit programs or vice versa, but here everything is 64 bit..

      Has anyone else seen this? Solutions?