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    Macro behavior changes on a new physical server with same software version???

    Lyndon Nelson

      OK, first of all I know that the macro in this app that I inheirted needs some serious rework. 2800 lines of macro code are WAY too many. But it does work in the current environment. Unfortunately rework at this point is most likely out of the question, so I am trying to figure out why it behaves as it does.


      But that being said, we have installed our current version of software on new hardware and mirrored the running configuration. Now calling a section of macro code functions if the amount of code is less than about 100 lines, more than that and it seems to hang and nothing happens. The old hardware is 8 CPU / 64 gig, the new hardware is 24 CPU / 128 gig.


      I have used System | About in QEMC and confirmed the versions are the same (10.0.8935.7). I have even done a file compare between the new and old servers, and all is the same.


      Any thoughts on why this is happening, and what I may be able to do (short of reworking the macro) to resolve it?