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    Authorization with Windows User Groups

      Dear QV community,


      for authorization maintenance purposes I would like to be able to just assign Windows users to Windows User Groups and then the assign the Windows User Groups and not individual users to the respective applications.


      I have additionally implemented a section access authorization, as for some countries there is a need to suppress certain sales offices.

      Everything works fine, including the section access if I allocate the users ID in the QMC to the application; however, if I allocate the corresponding user group in the QMC instead, the section gets ignored.


      I am sure there is a way to maintain this via user groups in the QMC whilst being able to apply section access at a user level, I just haven’t been able to figure this out.


      I have attached the following screenshots to show you how I am currently handling it.


      Screenshot 1: Allocation of QV Usergroups in QMC

      Screenshot 2: Section access with restriction at user level


      Thanks for your help,