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    QV 11.2 SR2 - Excel export issue (ajax)

    Aymeric MARTIN



      I am facing an issue with QV 11.2 SR2, in ajax mode. When I try to send to Excel a chart with more than (I suspect) 65000 lines, the generated file is not a .xls file but a csv one. The problem is that I lost all the formatting and it is totally unusable for the users.

      When I try to export the same chart, with a restricted selection and therfore a minimized number of lines (around 50 000), the generated file is a xls and the formatting is fine.

      My QV access point is in the trusted sites list of IE and the security parameters are lowered.


      Is this a know issue? Is there a way to export to Excel properly more than 65 000 lines?

      Thanks in advance for your answers.