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    Dynamic classification

      Hi everbody,

      I want to classify following table but this table must be classify in a dynamic way i hope anyone knows how to do that:







      Sum(Data) is a defined forumla.


      The client should classify by Sum(Data). Sum(Data) is the whole Data of my crosstable which i have define in QlikView. There are up to three key figures which you can choose.


      For example:

      Selection: Client (A); Client_Dist(B,C)!!!


      (Client 'B') K1_Dist {10} and K2_Dist {20} -> Sum(Data) {30}




      (Client 'C') K1_Dist {40} and K2_Dist {20} -> Sum(Data) {60}


                        Total Sum(Data) -> 90


      Regarding to the selection you get different total Sum(Data) values. My goal is to classify the Clients into four cluster.


      <=25 % of  Total Sum(Data); >25 and <= 50% of Total Sum(Data); > 50% and <= 75% of Total Sum(Data); > 75% of Total Sum(Data).


      Result for our example is:

      <= 25% (22,5); >25 and <= 50% (45); > 50% and <= 75% (67,5)


      Client B would be in cluster 2 (>25 and <= 50%) -> 30

      Client C would be in cluster 3(> 50% and <= 75%) -> 60


      So is it possible to build such a dynamic classification in QlikView where you can define %values of the total sum fpr different cluster?




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          Nitin Gupta

          Please post an example qvw , it will be helpful..

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              Okay, on the right side you can see the "Cluster" diagram, in this diagram is a dimension which do the classification. But now the formula is not complete and got a mistake.


              In the test table you can see

              Sum(Daten) = 85;

              Sum(Daten)25% = 21,25,

              Sum(Daten)50% = 42,5

              and so on ...


              Now i need this values for my classification!




              Kunde_Dist B got Sum(Daten)  = 25 and must be into Sum(Daten)50% cluster because 25 > 21,25 and <=  ...


              I hope now you can understand what i mean. Maybe there is a solution regarding to the variables?!