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    Section Access strange publisher problem

      I am having a problem with new appications where section application does not work.

      Hopefully someone can spot something wrong or help me.


      When I open the app on my desktop, section access works perfectly

      When I open the published app from the published folder either through the AP or from the desktop it applies section access for the id that published the qvw.


      Below is the section access I am using.  I load from a spread sheet first then use that table as section access so I can see the what is scoming in.  I have tried to reading directly as the section access but I get the same results.

      USERNAME is what I use to reduce the data.


      On a tab I put up a list box with USERNAME and when I load the app from my desktop it shows my USERNAME

      When I load from the AP or from the published folder it shows the publisher USERNAME.


      I am using v10 ; server 10.0.8935.7


      I have Initial Data Reduction Based on Section Access checked

      I do NOT have Strict Exclusion checked.


      I have tried all different combinations but nothing seems to work.


      Does anyone see anything wrong with this section access?

      Has anyone had anything similar happen?


      Any and all help is greatly appreciated.



      QUALIFY *;
      LOAD Upper(ACCESS) as ACCESS,
           Upper(NTNAME) AS NTNAME,
           Upper(USERNAME) AS USERNAME
      FROM $(SA) (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Users);
      UNQUALIFY *;

      STAR IS *;

      SECTION Access;
      LOAD SectionAccessTbl.ACCESS as ACCESS,
        SectionAccessTbl.NTNAME as NTNAME,
        SectionAccessTbl.USERNAME as USERNAME
      Resident SectionAccessTbl;
      SECTION Application;

        • Re: Section Access strange publisher problem
          Michael Solomovich



          The first impression is that the Publisher task only distributes the application without reloading.  Or, maybe you have separate tasks for reload and for distribute?

          When the service account ("id that published the qvw") opens the application, only this account's USERNAME is there because of the data reduction.  If reload and save  - all data should be there.  If save without reload, only one USERNAME remains.


          If my assumption is correct, to fix it you have to use reload and distribute in one task.

          Another approach is to grant service account access to all data, by adding this to Section Access:



               ACCESS,     NTNAME,     USERNAME

               ADMIN,         <NT name>,     ];