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    date range in set analysis with disregarding current selections

    Vamshi Tataipelli

      I have the data from 2010 jan 1st to today.


      I need a straight table in which the data of the latest 12 months need to be shown. PROPOSALS_ORIG_DATE is the field name which has the date. I have to use the expression Sum(PROPOSALS_AMOUNT). Disregarding the user selection, the chart should show the last 12 months data.


      I created a variable vRolling12, which has 12 months past date. vCurrDate, which has the latest date.


      Now i use the following expression,

      =Sum({1<PROPOSALS_ORIG_DATE = {"<=$(<=vCurrDate)>=$(>=vRolling12)"}>}



      But it is not disregarding the current selections. Is there another way how can i write the date range in the set analysis?

      When i select year as 2010 or 2011 the chart is showing blank though i use the 1 in set analysis.


      Help me out....