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    QMC issue - not opening

      Hi all,


      I am facing this issue, whenever a task occupies more memory in the server. But when i notice the memory consumption in Task Manager, it is showing only 40 - 60 %. Still QMC goes to Hung state, whenever i started this task.

      After restarting QMS and QDS, it comes back to Normal.

      But i dont want to do everytime, as it will impact to the business users. Is there any other better way to overcome this issue?




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          Bill Britt



          Need to check the document and see what is causing the issue. It could be something in the script that is causing the issue. Like nested IF statements.


          Also, this could be a sign that your system needs more resources.



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              Thanks for your reply, Bill.


              The same file is running fine in production. Ofcourse, Dev is having less RAM memory compared to production.

              But when i check the memory consumption during this issue, it occupies 40 - 60 %. This seems to be normal.


              One more issue happened today. Sometimes we are getting "Two or more services are down" error(QVWS and DSC) . later it is automatically getting reconnected.




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              How do you check the memory? Looking at taskmanager does not provide a reliable usage.

              I would setup a counter to check the usage of Qlikview instances so you get the full picture.

              Also, check performance log for QVS to get an understanding.