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    User Activity has no data

      I have the governance dashboard up and running; however, under user activity it shows no data. Under the section 'User Activity (Audit Log)' it says 'Audit Log Must Be Enabled in QEMC'..... As far as I can tell it has been enabled. I go to my settings for the QlikView Server and under the logging tab it has all the following checked:


      Enable Session Logging

      Enable Performance Logging Every 5 Minutes

      Enable Event Logging

      Enble Audit Logging

      Enable Extensive Audit Logging


      and Event Log Verbosity is set to High....


      Am I missing something here?

        • Re: User Activity has no data
          Tyler Waterfall


          Can you provide more information? Thanks!

          1. What Version of Governance Dashboard do you have?
          2. What version of QlikView (e.g. 11.20 SR4)
          3. How is the Governance Dashboard configured? In other words, what type of filepaths are you using for Server log files? For example: c:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer OR \\Server1UNC\QlikViewServer
          4. Were you able to see session information in the past?