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    Script running fine - STORE_command makes WHOOM... Plz help

    Friedrich Hofmann



      the title actually says all about my problem, there is no more to it:

      - I have an app running once in the morning to query a lot of data from our personell database.

      - The data fetched by one of those queries is to be used in two places:

         - It shall be stored just like it is

         - It shall be further processed and the process output should be stored.


      The latter actually works well. The former does not - I can't see why: The script runs fine - I've tested by putting the EXIT at different points - and the table gets created. There are no more synthetic keys, no links at all actually, all the other tables are already deleted at that point.

      <=> At the very last command, which is a STORE command, copied 1:1 from others (just adapted) creates an error, the entire app crashes (that "failure. Retrieve old data?" message) and the qvd is not created.


      The command is

      >>> STORE Stempeldaten_gen INTO ..\01_QVD\HR_QVD\Stempeldaten_gen.qvd (qvd); <<<


      That command is exactly the same as all other STOREs in that app, the file_path is exactly the same and there are other files with an '_' as well which are created without any problems.


      I will attach to this post both

      - an excel file with sample personell data

      - a sample qvw