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    Filtering on expression - possibilities.

    Jakub Szurogajlo



      I have a data like this:



      Based on this table we are creating pivot table:



      Is there a way to force a filter being set depending which value is clicked?


      For example:

      - User is clicking 6311 Value (in expression named Max), which will by default mark Bike in Vehicle Type.

      Can we force setting different filter also? Like Brand - Romet for example (or any other). Some clever trigger usage maybe?


      If not can we at least save expression name to variable somehow?



      User clicked 6311 -> value Bike is stored to vExpression Name variable...




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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          If you click on a value of an expression then the dimension values of the same row are selected. You could use the OnSelect field trigger of the Vehicle Type field to execute a Set Variable action. Or you could simply define the variable as =GetFieldSelections([Vehicle Type],',',999). When you use the variable it will return the list of selected values of the Vehicle Type field.