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    Enabling Extensions on server



      Iam having trouble by showing Extension on my accesspoint documents.


      My server is set to Allow Extensions.


      However, i did not have a folder called Extensions\Objects like many post says there should be?


      Am i doing something wrong?

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          Michael Solomovich


          I keep it in C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikviewServer\Extensions\Objects.




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              Hi Michael,


              I also placed it there - but it does not seem to affect anything.


              Can this be due to this folder structure was not even there at the first place :\Extensions\Objects. ?


              I had to create it myself.

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                  Michael Solomovich

                  Sorry, can't recall if we created it manually or not.  But this is the only place where the extensions are in my case....

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                      The server reference manuel also says that the path should be there. But when i open a document in accesspoint nothing is chooseable under extensions.


                      It also says:


                      Special Folders

                      The special folders are stored in the “Data” folder (see Overview (page 53) for the path).




                      Note! The Extensions folder has to be created manually. By default, QVS looks for extensions in this folder. Extension objects are located in Extensions\Objects and document extensions are located in Extensions\Document. Use QlikView Management Console (QMC) to manage all extensions in one place in case of a cluster.


                      By default, QVS puts temporary files in this folder (for example, when exporting using the AJAX client, a temporary file is created in the folder).

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                        I looked in my private folder:

                        If the path to the extensions is changed (for example, to a common place for all servers in a cluster), that path must be used instead. Note that the path set corresponds to %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\QlikTech\QlikView\Extensions (that is, it does not include \Objects).


                        And then i just copied it from there and created a Subfolder under Extensions called Document


                        And then it worked..