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    People using the trial version can't open my model

      HI all,


      i have a pretty serious problem (for me anyway) and wondered if anyone might have the answer. I have developed a qlikview dashboard which i am hoping to send out to a few colleagues so that they can have a play around with the data to try out qlikview using trial licenses. I understand that they should be able to use the trail version of qlikview desktop to do this. However, I tried to do a quick pilot run on friday, which involved sending the model to a colleague who had just installed the trail version of qlikview. When they opened the model a message said they had to reload the data  (and then didn't work as the data is embedded in the qvw file). Does anyone know why tey are being asked to reload the data and it isn't working? i tried sending the file to a friend with a full license for qlikview desktop and it worked just fine, but for those on the trial version this keeps happening . Any help would be really appreciated.