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    How to use Map to filter hot selling items ?

      Hi All


      After tres have help me on my first post . now i need the filter to be more advance. let me share with you :-


      Now i manually tick on my excel file column Hot = 1 for those items is hot selling.



      I want to replace by load script , using map command for doing this .



      So i create a map script :-






      mapping LOAD * INLINE [













      In my Tab = TS , i add below script , which is working fine after tres advise:-



        ApplyMap('HOTMAP', Model,'1') AS HOT_MAP,



      when i list filed = HOT_MAP , i wanted to see there is 1 and 2 value. so when i click on 1 it will list 3 items and click on 2 it will list 1 items.



      My question is how to modify my below script to achieve this ?



        ApplyMap('HOTMAP', Model,'1') AS HOT_MAP,